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In desperate need of a working laptop for school anyone have any more resource?? Thank you
Hello, If anyone has any solar lights they would like to re home I would be so grateful to receive them. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.
Needing a toddler front facing carseat.
I'm in need of crib bedding for a boy.
I am seeking a free set of hearing aids, if anyone has some which are no longer needed. Thank you sooo much.
I'm looking for any coupons that are extra from wherever (magazines, news papers, receipts, in stores). I'd be grateful to receive any at all as I'm completely starting from scratch in an effort to save my household as much money as I possibly can. So any and all coupons are greatly appreciated. Question,thou: In Maryland( where I lived my entire life until just moving to AZ recently) some fami...
Before I build a coat rack base (for a dress maker's model) I thought to ask to see if someone has one they want to get rid of. It is the strong base that I'm interested in, not so much what coats would hook on. Thanks!
Hello, I am a newbie to running and in search of a stop watch or any working watch in order to time my self while running. I don't have access to a cell phone hence needing a watch/stopwatch. Anything helps ! Thanks
Over the years, my dogs have worn a nice rut in the dirt in front of the back door. Right now it is still a big, deep puddle. I have some of the rectangular pavers or what they use to top off block walls and the few I have work to raise the area, but I could use a few more. If you live in my area or within 5 miles or so and even have 2 or 3 that would help. Of course, if you have more, I'll tak...
I'm looking for a roll of newsprint or sheets of it for an art project.
Looking for clothes for disabled women who lost all her clothes.
For a garden project, I could use a few (2-6) cuts of rebar that I can pound into the ground as stakes. If you have a few 16-24" pieces lying around, I could put them to good use.
Does anyone have a shredder they no longer want? I'm in need of one. Thank you in advance.
Does anyone have any concrete blocks they don't need? With all this rain I need to get stuff in the yard up off the ground. I could use 8 blocks if you can spare them. Thanks in advance.
hello, i am looking for some working grow lights to set up for plants as well as propogation. also looking for medium to large ceramic or terracotta pots for large, indoor plants (would love a couple with stands for bigger plants like monstera, money tree, etc. thanks much!
In need of any good condition baby boy items. Very appreciated ?
Meat Grinder or Food Processor that can handle raw chicken...
My post for a yard-art windmill suffered at the whim of the microbursts this week so I'm looking to go with something sturdier. Will cinde consider anything over 2" and beyond. Cheers!
I have a piece of MDF I am going to use for an additional kitchens surface. Now I need some supports to set it on top of. Any ideas, guys? I'm aiming for counter height!
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