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Wanted: shelving that isn't more than 10 inches deep. I have a skinny space between the wall and the walkway. Otherwise it doesn't really matter how wide or high the shelf is. Sometimes CD or DVD shelves or even shoe racks have dimensions that would work. Thanks for looking :-)
A big hoop, like a home made hula hoop could work. Need a large round hoop to use as a round curtain rod. It would have to be pretty sturdy to work. Thanks for looking!
I am looking for tables or benches or cabinets to use outside for my plants and to garden. They don't need to be in good shape since they will be outside. Thanks in advance.
I'm looking for peculiar sized poster frames, the sizes I need are below. Im willing to trade plant cuttings if you are into that sorta thing! All measurements are in inches: 12 x 16 16 x 24 20 x 28 8 x 12 12 x 17 16 x 24 Feel free to just text me at (808)349-3896 I live in Tucson, don't let the number fool you. Thanks for looking at my post!
Wanted:Vanagon front seats with arm rests. Upholstry not important. But the rest in good condition. AZ preferable due to shipping costs but will consider all.
I am in need of scrap materials that is good for quilt squares. The pieces don't have to be the same. If you have any hid away that's taking up space, I would love to have it if you don't need it. Thanks!!! Sill looking for material for quilting.
Anyone have a vibration plate you are no longer using?
Need sturdy moving boxes (all sizes) and bubble wrap ASAP please!
Looking for egg cartons any size. No plastic or styrofoam please! As many as possible please!
looking for wooden wine crate w/ interior dimensions sufficient to serve as storage for twelve-inch vinyl phonograph records
I am looking for used tables or shelves to use outside for plants and gardening. Not picky about condition since they will be used outside but nothing too big since I don't have a truck. Thanks in advance.
big and plastic tops need apply...last one I had broke right off when I lifted my cat in took off and carrier went into the trash...
hello, homebound disabled single parent here. in need of some glass cloche of various sizes to place over houseplants to retain humidity. also airtight glass storage containers, or all-glass cookie, candy jars. i can send a friend to pick up, or if you could drop off that would be amazing too. thank you for helping me fill my house with life. :-)
Making a wrap for my tools. A plastic buckle (like for a belt but a little smaller) with canvas webbing would be great. Also looking for some green and purple canvas. Thanks
Looking for a smallish metal box/tin. Can have metal dividers or just be a tin, like one for altoids. Thanks
It doesn't need to have a working cord or bulb. I like using the salt lamps as bookshelf stoppers.
Masquerade Ball Masks looking for a couple for a party. Thnak you.
I am in need of some shelves for my shed. They don't have to be perfect. If you have any you aren't using or want, I would gladly take them off your hands. I need like 4 sets so I can get my shed organized and any scrap material you don't want. Thanks. Just leave me a message on here or you can pm me on fb if you like. I am still in need of shelves if anyone has any
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